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Whitlea's ESP is based entirely off of Yuuto Urushiyama's (He's from Hands Off!) and lets her see people's emotions as colored flames around them. Different colors mean different things, as do the different shades. The stronger (Brighter for light colors, darker for dark ones) a color is, the more strongly that emotion is being felt. The less prominent a color, the weaker the emotion. This list is just an overview, tags may go more in-depth with the aura readings.

RED usually indicates a feeling of aggression of some sort.
❀ Mid-tone reds are determination.
❀ Blood red is hatred.
❀ Fiery orangey-reds are anger and rage.

ORANGE generally indicates panic of some sort.
❀ Yellowy-oranges are nervousness and confusion.
❀ Reddish-oranges are shock and surprise.
❀ Mid-tone oranges are simple panic.

YELLOW typically indicates happiness of some sort.
❀ Lemon yellows are excitement.
❀ Golds are pride.
❀ Greenish-yellows are pleasure.

GREEN often indicates calmness of some sort.
❀ Spring greens are optimism and curiosity.
❀ Lime and emerald greens are love.
❀ Blueish-greens are worry.

BLUE mostly indicates sadness of some sort.
❀ Sky blues are pity.
❀ Cobalt blues are pessimism.
❀ Purpleish-blues are depression.

PURPLE frequently indicates fear of some sort.
❀ Maroon-purples are terror and horror.
❀ Indigo-purples are hopelessness.
❀ Mid-tone purples are paranoia.

PINK likely indicates desire of some sort.
❀ Salmon-pinks are embarrassment.
❀ Violet-pinks are envy.
❀ Mid-tone pinks are lust and simple desire.

BLACK, WHITE, and GREY indicate things that are a little different.
❀ Whites are healing and being healed.
❀ Blacks are pain and heartache.
❀ Greys are apathy and laziness.


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