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Diamonds can be a girl's best friend!

... As long as Diamonds is a dog!

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Birthdate:Apr 14
This is a slightly AU Touko/Hilda. Her name is Whitlea. She loves dogs and canine Pokemon. She has a sixth sense. She can see people's auras in the form of a glow or fire around them which is different colors depending on their mood. She can tell what these colors mean, and mood changes have no delay. As such, it's impossible to lie to her unless you can control your aura and are trying to hide it from her. Or you're in a Pokemon body. She can't see the auras of Pokemon she doesn't know very well, like her own team.

Interests (22):

arcanine, auras, canines, doggies, dogs, electrike, esp, growlithe, herdier, houndoom, houndour, lillipup, lucario, manectric, mightyena, mutts, pokemon, poochyena, puppies, pups, riolu, stoutland
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